USB2000 Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer

USB2000 spectrometer is a versatile, general-purpose UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer for absorption, transmission, reflectance, emission, color and other applications.

EPP2000-NIR-InGaAs Spectrometer

StellarNets’ high performance InGaAs spectrometers cover the NIR wavelength range from 0.9-2.2um. By using the software “SpectraWiz”, it is able to measure the reflectance, transmittance, absorbance.

USB Multi-channel spectrometer Fastevert S-2830

A compact spectrometer capable of measuring a near infrared spectrum with a relatively long wavelength.

Mobile spectrophotometer CM-2002

The reflectance spectral in the visible light region can be measured. Not only spectral reflectance but also each tristimulus value and chromaticity under D65/A light source can be confirmed. By connecting the device with your PC, you can also simulate a different light source situation.

AOTF Camera Video Adapter CVA100-0.4-1.0 & Monochrome CCD camera C4742-95-12ERG

A spectroscopic image photographing apparatus combining an Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter (AOTF) and a monochrome CCD camera having sensitivity up to the near infrared region. Multispectral images can be taken in high resolution.

Line scan type spectral camera SWIR

Line scan type spectral camera with sensitivity up to very long wavelength near infrared light. It is possible to shoot images obtained by spectroscopically dividing linear imaging ranges. In the output image, the horizontal axis represents the position and the vertical axis represents the wavelength.

Multispectral imaging system Nuance

With built-in liquid crystal tunable filter, it is possible to take multispectral images where each pixel of the image has spectrum. The device in the right of the photo is for visible range, the left is for near infrared. Unlike conventional AOTF, camera and filter are integrated, making it very easy to use.

Near infrared camera 320M

Near infrared camera that is sensitive to wavelengths up to 1700 nm that can not be detected with common CCD elements. Currently difficult to obtain nowadays.

Monochromator SPG-120

Device that outputs monochromatic light over a very wide range from ultraviolet to near infrared. The light receiving module at the center of the photo is used to measure the intensity of light, and monochromatic light can be irradiated by removing this light receiving module and mounting a fiber. Measurement of transmittance and reflectance can also be performed by calibration of optical equipment and combination with optical system.

Spectrometer FieldSpec3

A spectrometer capable of measuring spectrum over a wide band from visible to near infrared. Raw DN, reflectance, radiance and irradiance can be measured.

SWIR dedicated 2-dimensional image measurement system

Camera synchronized slider (custom order) that enables photographing of two-dimensional spectral images by scanning the scan line of SWIR which is a line scan type spectral camera. It’s big and heavy.

Multi-wavelength variable light source ELS-VIS(Programmable light source)

An illumination device capable of generating illumination having an arbitrary spectrum in the visible wavelength band, also called a programmable light source. Made by Nikon Corporation. It has a built-in 800W xenon light source, and the illumination intensity is sufficient. It is possible to easily change spectrum and chromaticity on the control software side.

Near infrared filter measurement device

Measurement device integrating a near infrared camera (CV-N750) manufactured by Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., a filter wheel and a light source. We are doing research to visualize the spatial distribution of components contained in food, for example, from each image passed through the filter.

EEM image measurement device

Fluorescence spectroscopic images can be measured. In our lab, we have many studies using this camera. See the study page for details.

Spectrofluorophotometer F7000

Three-dimensional time change is measurable and capable of tracking changes over time in multiple wavelengths. Since the measurement time range can be expanded, long phosphor lifetime measurement can be performed.

Hyperspectral camera NH-7

Imaging spectrometer using built-in spectroscopic scanning technology. Able to acquire a spectral image in a wavelength range determined at the same time.

Image stimulus presentation device ViSaGe

Device that simply creates and presents image stimuli. It is used in many visual psychological experiments and visual function experiments. Besides simple stimulus creation, communication with external equipment is possible with 14 bit color gradation, Digital I/O, Analog I/O and others.

Spectroradiometer SR-3AR

The spectrum in the visible wavelength region can be measured by radiance. The wavelength resolution is 1 nm, the measurement range of the radiance is 0.1 cd/ m2 or more, and it can be measured very accurately.

Color luminance meter ColorCALII

Apparatus for measuring chromaticity and luminance of light source color. Gamma correction of the monitor can also be performed.

PLATO Visual Occlusion Spectacles

The lenses in these spectacles can be independently switched from their light scattering occluding state to their transparent state in approximately 1 millisecond. This gives researchers unprecedented control over the visual input to one or both eyes of human subjects, without significantly reducing the amount of light reaching their eyes.

Eye movement measurement device HS-VET

A device that measures the position of the subjects gazing position of the video presented on the screen. Recording of eye movements can be easily performed by a dedicated camera attached to the chin rest.

Electroencephalogram measurement system EGI Net-station System300

Multichannel electroencephalogram amplifier. Multichannel electrode mounting of 128 channels (up to 256 channels can be added) with sensor net electrode without using paste is possible in just 10 minutes. After the measurement, it has various waveform processing functions such as filtering, automatic extraction of bad channel, automatic correction of bad channel data, waveform extraction by event mark, waveform addition processing, map display and so on.

Digital Brain Wave Meter Active Two System

Multichannel electroencephalogram amplifier of 64ch, 128ch. It is characterized by a high S / N ratio using a battery-driven, Active electrode, and it enables stable brain wave measurement that is resistant to noise. Filtering, impedance check, addition average waveform output by event mark, and other biological signal input.

Transcranial DC electrical stimulation device DC-STIMULATOR PLUS

It can stimulate direct current on human scalp. By using the anode electrode and the cathode electrode, it is possible to activate or suppress specific brain activity. In addition to single stimulation (single mode), repetitive stimulation (pulse mode), stimulation can output sin wave (sinus mode) as alternating current.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation deviceRapid2

Magnetism can be stimulated in the brain cortex. By aligning the brain and the head, stimulus presentation with high spatial resolution can be performed.

Emotive Neuroheadset

An electroencephalogram headset for multichannel electroencephalogram research that can be applied to BCI. Wire-able communication with PC, possible to carry, with 14 channels (AF3, F7, F3 FC5, T7, P7, O1, O2, P8, T8, FC6, F4, F8, AF4), portable.

Wearable optical topography WOT-100

Optical topography dedicated to forehead using near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS: Near Infrared Spectroscopy), aiming at measurement in a more everyday environment. This device also supports extension after introduction such as addition of measurement channels and simultaneous measurement of multiple people.

B-Alert X24

This device applies all sensors of the standard International 10-20 system simultaneously for efficient set-ups while also providing every subject a comfortable and individualized fit.

EyeLink 1000+

There is no need to wear any electronic equipment when measuring, monocular, binocular measurement possible. eye movement can also be measured while wearing glasses. The infrared camera captures eye movements within the viewing angle range of 32 × 25 degrees. The distance between the camera and the eyes is 40 to 70 cm.

Near infrared light brain function imaging LABNIRS

Humans convert information captured from sensory organs such as eyes and ears to electric signals and transmit them to the brain. Oxygenated hemoglobin (oxyHb) then supplies oxygen via capillary vessels when information input in the brain is processed. LABNIRS can analyze the reaction in real time by near infrared and analyze functional localization of the brain.


A time-controlled LCD monitor designed for visual research. Since the video signal, analog signal, and other signal I/O control are provided on the same circuit, it is possible to synchronize the refresh rate of all signals and video with microsearch order.


Display++ can display color calibrated visual stimulus at accurate timing with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. ViSaGe and Bits# technology of the visual stimulation device is integrated into the display device Display++. It is easy to use as a monitor of a normal computer, and it is compatible with Psychtoolbox, PsychoPy, Psykinematix for MAC, etc.

Flexible Adjustable Surface Holder (fNIRS EEG)

A cap for simultaneously measuring fNIRS and EEG (brain wave) in order to simultaneously make use of the merit of spatial resolution and time resolution simultaneously.

VR Head mound display HTC Vive

VRHMD was co-produced by HTC and Valve.
Even if you move through the room, you can orient and track the position.

Eye movement measurement device iViewX RED

Non-contact type eye tracker dedicated to both eyes that can measure at 500Hz without the need of a chin rest.

Biosignal measurement system MP System

Possible to measure the heart rate, pressure sensation by adding the attached module. And also possible to synchronize with external signal as trigger.

Experimental Projector PROPixx

DLP type LED projector, output with full HD(1920 x 1080) and with the refresh rate of 1440Hz.

Eye movement measurement device SMI Eye Tracking Glasses

A glass type eye tracker that can measure the pupil at 60/120 Hz for both eyes.

PlayStation®4 pro, Racing Steering Driving Force

Experiment stimulus presentation device.

Pupil Labs

Portable eye tracking device that can measure eye movement and pupil diameter at 120 Hz for both eyes


Innovative spectral tunable lighting product based on multi-channel LED technology, designed to create lighting environments with different space and luminance requirements, including lighting room and large test chart 45/0 illumination

Bio Radio

Wearable device capable of simultaneously measuring acceleration, gyro, heart rate, respiration, and skin conductance.
An expansion kit is available for EEG.