Achievement informations are provided in Japanese below.


Awards and Prise

  • 1990/3/8 Shinohara Memorial Young Investigators Award (IEICE)
    Shigeki Nakauchi
  • 1994/3/3 Research Award (REFOST)
    Shigeki Nakauchi
  • 1997/11/6 Incentive award (Japanese Neural Network Society)
    Shigeki Nakauchi
  • 2007/10/1 Good Design Award (Japan Institute of Design Promotion)
    Shigeki Nakauchi
  • 2009/5/17 2nd Color Science Association of Japan Award(The Color Science Association of Japan)
    Shigeki Nakauchi, Tatsuya Onouchi
    Subject: Detection and modification of confusing color combinations for red-green dichromats to achieve a color universaldesign
    Journal: Color Research and
    Application, Vol.33, No.3, pp.203-211(2008)
  • 2011/4/11 2011 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award (Development Division)
    Shigeki Nakauchi
  • 2011/9/21 9th Industry-academia-government collaboration, Minister of METI Award
    Shigeki Nakauchi

Academic Conference Awards

  • FY2007 Vision Society of Japan, Best Presentation Award
    小峰 央志 「2色覚における色弁別・色分類とカラーネーミングとの関係」
  • FY2007 Color Forum 2007 Best Presentation Award
    小峰 央志 「色弱者における色の見えとカテゴリカル色知覚の関係」
  • FY2010 The Color Science Association of Japan, 41th Annual national conference.
    西野 顕 「ファンデーションの定量・分布計測のためのスペクトル差異強調フィルタ」
  • FY2010 7th Annual ECNS/ISNIP Conference Conference Award
    則竹 洋佑 「EEG Study of insight process of hidden figures」
  • FY2010 OPJ2010 Best Presentation Award
    豊田 敏裕 「質感知覚の視覚機序に基づく真珠の品質計測」
  • FY2010 OPJ2010 Best Presentation Award
    小林 健一 「近赤外分光画像を用いた牛肉中の脂肪酸含量分布の可視化」
  • FY2013 Vision Society of Japan, Best Presentation Award
    山岸 理雄 「色輝度勾配によるグレア効果の増強」
  • FY2014 APCV2014 Best Student Presentation Award
    田村 秀希 「Relationship between brightness enhancement and self-luminosity of the glare illusion」
  • FY2014 ICAICTA 2014 The Best Paper Awards
    永井 裕人 「Optimization of Excitation-Emission bands for Estimating Viable Bacteria on Meat Surfaces with Fluorescence Spectroscopy」
  • FY2015 VSS 2015 The Best Student Poster Awards
    田村 秀希 「Can the classifier trained to separate surface texture from specular shading infer geometric consistency of specular highlight?」
  • FY2016 ICAICTA 2016 The Best Paper Awards
    近藤 泰成 「Optimization of illuminant spectrum for visual detection of foreign substances in jams」

In-school Awards

Best Special Research Presentation Award
  • FY2004 Yukiko Nishi
    An event-related brain potential examination of the spatial and feature-based attention revealed by the cueing effect
  • FY2007 Shunsuke Tsurumi
    Simulation method of color vision deficiency based on spectral information as a tool for color universal design
  • FY2008 Ken Nishino
    Spectral Difference Enhancement Filter and Application for Visualization of Facial Make-up Condition
  • FY2010 Kae Nakajima
    Effect of facial color on face processing : An event-related potential investigation
  • FY2015 Hideki Tamura
    Robust brightness enhancement across a luminance range
    of the glare illusion
  • FY2017 Taisei Kondo
    Preference of art paintings elucidated by color Statistics
  • FY2019 Kinzuka Yuya
    The effect of Red/Blue on temporal perception and pupillary response induced by different equiluminant conditions
  • FY2023 Hasegawa Yuya
    Facial expressions affect facial color memory
Outstanding Special Research Presentation Award
  • FY2005 Hiroaki Iwasaki
    Visualization of skin’s moisturizing ability by near-infrared spectroscopic imaging
  • FY2005 Tatsuya Onouchi
    Functional spectral filter for color universal design
  • FY2006 Ken-ichi Kobayashi
    Rapid detection method of the genus Alicyclobacillus by spectroscopic measurements
  • FY2016 Kazuya Ito
    Visualization of the Contaminated Distribution on hands based on Fluorescence Properties
  • FY2017 Bui Minh Vu
    Visualization of food quality by using uorescence imaging technique
  • FY2017 Satoshi Nakakoga
    Asymmetry of emotional response to visual and auditory stimuli
  • FY2018 Kohta Wakamatsu
    Language Universality and Dependency in Texture-Sound Symbolism
  • FY2022 Yugo Kobayashi
    Effects of approach and avoidance behavior on facial expression recognition
  • FY2022 Leo Takahashi
    Relation between head direction and spatial location of the recalled object
最優秀卒業研究発表賞 (旧最優秀特別実験発表賞)
  • FY2003 岩崎 宏明
  • FY2004 打尾 健太
    物体認識における視点依存性と脳機能左右差に関する研究 −事象関連電位による検証−
  • FY2013 新海 崇紘
    Estimate tracking state of multiple moving targets by steady state visual evoked potential
  • FY2015 Taisei Kondo
    Optimization of illuminant spectrum for foreign substances detection
  • FY2018 Kazuya Onodera
    Pupillometry color vision test using isoluminant color ickering stimuli
  • FY2023 Kudaka Moe
    Variation aftereffects in the perception of facial expressions in crowds
優秀卒業研究発表賞 (旧優秀特別実験発表賞)
  • FY2005 小峰 央志
  • FY2005 鶴見 俊
  • FY2006 西野 顕
  • FY2007 山下 卓也
  • FY2009 加藤 幸美
  • FY2012 永井 裕人
  • FY2012 山岸 理雄
  • FY2013 Hideki Tamura
    Luminance dependence of brightness enhancement and perceived glow by glare illusion
  • FY2015 Bui Minh Vu
    Freshness imaging of frozen fish by using optimized excitation-emission wavelength combination
  • FY2017 Yuya Kinzuka
    Pupil dilation reflects English /l//r/ discrimination ability: Estimation method of English pronunciation ability based on auditory deviation
  • FY2019 Yuki Matsumoto
    Feature integration and visual field dependence in Sound-Induced Flash Illusion
  • FY2020 Yuto Nakanishi
    Psychophysical method for color vision tests based on pupillary response