Visual Perception and Cognition Laboratory

This is the Web Page of VPAC (Visual Perception and Cognition Laboratory) in Toyohashi University of Technology. How do humans look at the world? In our laboratory, we are trying to find out how our outstanding visual system works, through psychophysical experiments and brain activity measurements. We are also working on developing technology involving human visual system such as visualization of invisible information by infrared spectrum imaging by the crystallized knowledge obtained from fundamental researches.

Applying science to human being
Creation of the new information technology


"Why are the world seen as we see?" Vision is much more skillful than we imagine. From psychophysical experiment, and constructing mathematical models, we explore the fundamental functions of the vision.


Our aim is to reveal the visual and cognitive mechanism of our brain, from various approaches such as electroencephalogram measurement and eye movement measurement.


"Even beyond our visions" From knowledge acquired by the fundamental research of vision science, We are working on developing new technology involving the human visual system.