Graduation ceremony (March, 2021)

Group photo after the 2020 graduation ceremony: This year, 3 doctoral students, 8 master’s students, and 1 Bachelor student graduated.

On March 23, 2021, the graduation ceremony was held online.
This year, there were 12 graduates: 3 doctoral students, 8 master’s students, and 1 Bachelor student.
We would like to express our gratitude to all the graduates for their hard work in their research life. We would like to thank them for their hard work and wish them good luck in their new fields.

Farewell party (March, 2021)

At the end of the school year, we held a farewell party.
Due to the recent situation, we decided to use online tools.
The OBs felt free to participate online, and we could feel the advantages of online.
This year’s “Bachelor of the Year” was awarded to Mr. Nakanishi and “Master of the Year” was awarded to Mr. Kishigami.

Farewell party (March)

Prof. Nakauchi with Mr. Taniyama won “Master of the year 2018″.

The farewell partywas held at the end of the fiscal year.This year, 2 students with PhD and 3 students with Mastershave left our laboratory, and each of them will embrace into the future to join our society.
It was a very lively meeting with OB and OG people.

The winner of this year’s “Master of the Year” was Mr. Taniyama by a close vote.

I would like to thank all the graduates for their hard work and dedication. From the upcoming yearwe will be entering a new world, and we are looking forward to your continued success.

Year-end party (December)

In B4, there is a graduation research presentation meeting in December, and Mr. Matsumoto won the Special graduation research presentation award this year.
We are having a year-end party in our laboratory.
Some of you are still busy, but We forgot all about the day and enjoyed it.
Also, Mr. Miyamoto was selected as the “Bachelor of the year” by a vote.

Thank you very much for your research this year.
We will do our best next year!

Lab trip (October)

Laboratory trip (October)We went to Kyoto for our lab trip in 2019.On the first day, there was a big traffic jam, but we were able to meet up in the evening and go sightseeing at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.On the second day, the students were divided into groups and walked around sightseeing spots in Kyoto such as Kiyomizu-dera, Arashiyama andFushimi-inari.

This trip was a good memory and we were able to form a strong bond within and amongst the members.

Foot note: Please be careful not to oversleep, because there is a possibilitythat the schedule will be changed drastically.

Welcome party (April)

A group picture. 10 students and an assistant professor have joined the our lab in April 2019.

We have a welcome party in April to deepen a friendship and interact with the new members of the lab. We have time to introduce yourself and talk about the laboratory. It is a valuable opportunity to talk with many students and teachers. Thanks to the party, we become familiar with members of lab.

Spring cleaning (April)

To refresh the mood before the research, we have a major cleaning event at the beginning of the year. Even after the cleaning, keep your surroundings clean and try to make it easy to study.

Lab trip (October)

A group picture in Himaka island. The Himaka island is called as “Island of Octopus and Blowfish”. You can get tastes of octopus, blowfish and other fresh marine products. Mr. Minami’s child also joined in the trip in this time.

One of the biggest event in the year is the Lab trip. We go for a trip during the summer holidays.

In 2018, We went to the Himaka island, Aichi-pref. On the first day, we enjoyed fishing on a fishing boat and levees, making dried fish. And we healed body fatigue in the hot spring. On the second day, we challenged to the ground draw net and did BBQ with the fishes caught there. This trip became a precious memory of lab life.

It will definitely be one of the fun event in our laboratory life.

Sports festival (October)

Members of our lab participated sports festival in 2017.

Many lab-teams from the dept. of Computer Science and Engineering join the Sports festival every year.


2018 The mixed team over some laboratories enjoyed sports.
2017 Victory!…Basketball(1st place), Volleyball(4th)
2016 3rd place…Basketball(2nd), Volleyball
2015 3rd place…Basketball(2nd), Volleyball(4th)
2013 2nd place…Basketball(2nd), Volleyball
2012 Basketball(2nd), Volleyball
2011 Volleyball(3rd), Futsal, Basketball
2010 Volleyball, Futsal, Portball
2009 3rd place…Volleyball(1st), Basketball, Dodgeball
2008 2nd place…Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal

Autumn cleaning (November)

View of sunset we can see from our laboratory.

On the clothes change season, we clean up the lab again so that we can work on our research with a new fresh mind. Since B4 and M2 students have finished a major part of their research, we all cleaned up to be able to tackle research with fresh mind. We usually want to clean the room when we are busy like before exams. It is the phenomenon seems to be called as “self-handicapping”.

Year-end party (December)

Prof. Nakauchi with Mr. Kishigami won “Bachelor of the year 2018″.

Every year a year-end party is held after the bachelor graduation thesis presentation is over. For B4 students, the internship will start from January, and might be a tough season for the M2 students on their research. To have a break, let’s forget all the bad things in the past year having fun at the party. At this time the award “Bachelor of the year” is announced (Kishigami won the award for 2018).

Farewell party (March)

Prof. Nakauchi with Mr. Wakamatsu won “Master of the year 2018″.

At the end of the fiscal year, we have a farewell party to thank people who will leave the laboratory. From those who took care of you, you will be able to hear stories and memories in the lab. Also, at this time we announce the award “Master of the year” (Wakamatsu won the award for 2018).