VPAC Entrance

Out side the elevator on the 7th floor of F2 building is VPAC Lab’s entrance. Not just the television and sofas, but the artificial turf, bead cushion, makes the healing space for the laboratory.

Student Office Room

We each have a desk and computer in the office. B4 Office room is at F2-701-1,M1 Office room for F2-701-2,M2 Office room at F2-701-3 and Dr Office room at F2-703-2. And our secretary has a desk near the entrance of F2-701-2.

Staff Office Room

The place is F-703-1 on the 7th floor of the Research Center building, where Assistant Professor Hine’s desk is located. It’s a clean room with great furniture and appearance.

Meeting Room

Our laboratory also focuses on developing the ability to present research results. The meeting room is equipped with a large screen, and possible to practice our presentation.


The projector is equipped in the meeting room. It is used not only during announcement and presentation practice, but also for frequent meetings. It was replaced in 2018.


The VPAC AQUARIUM caretaker has been inaugurated since 2017, breeding several fish such as Guppy, Neon Tetra, Otosinculus, Yamato Shrimp and other fish.New aquarium, pebbles and feeder in 2019. The fishes are swimming happily in the beautiful tank.

Book Shelfs

There are many books related to our research. Many collections such as living body (neuro), vision, cognition, signal processing, etc. are stocked, so there are no use to go to the libraries.


In our laboratory there are many researches on color, so we have many high-performance printers.

Kettle & Rice Cooker

The kettle is installed in the students office room and the meeting room. You can use it for lunch and relaxation time to have coffee, tea, cup noodles. Students’ office has rice cookers and you can cook rice.

Experiment Laboratory

There are two laboratories in the information communication experiment building, and we are conducting psychophysical experiments, spectrum measurement, electroencephalogram measurement.

Gifts from Graduates

Microwave Oven

Gift from the FY2003 graduates. You can warm your lunch and it is often used. There is even the oven function so why don’t you try bake some cake?


Gift from the FY2004 graduates. Because of the size, it can be used for all the laboratory members party. Moreover, you can make Takoyaki.

IH Cooker

Gift from the FY2006 graduates. It’s IH so there’s no fire concern.

Vacuum Cleaner

Gift from the FY2007 graduates. Cleaning will be further improved with the tremendous vacuum power.

Air Cleaner

Gift from the FY2008 graduates. This purifier can remove pollen, house dust, living odor and other dust in the air. For even further research progress.

Frying Pan Set

Gift from the FY2009 graduates. 2 pots, 2 frying pans, with marble fluorine processing strong against scratches and dirt.

Coffee Maker

Gift from the FY2010 graduates. You can enjoy black, espresso, cafe au lait, cappuccino for your research break.

Laboratory Name Plate

Gift from the FY2011 graduates. From Nishino and Toyoda. With the renamed lab name ”Visual Perception and Cognition”.

Radio Controlled Clock

Gift from the FY2012 graduates. From Yokota, Himeno,Nutchakan and teacher Nagai. It’s not just a radio clock, you can know the date, temperature and the humidity

Cooler box

Gift from the FY2013 graduates. From Nakashima, Kominato, Nakamura, Nishijima and Matsushima. We really wanted this for the Lab trips and we’ll have a cold glass of beer with this.

Boiling Kettle & IH Cooker

Gift from the FY2014 graduates. From Researcher Tani, Azuma, Tani, Nagai and Yamagishi. 5L boiling kettle will make our coffee break even more convenient. The new IH cooker will be used for the lab events.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Gift from the FY2015 graduates. From Sato, Ohata, Kinoshita and Shinkai. It’s cordless and easy to use. (Model: Sato)


Gift from the FY2016 graduates. From Ito, Katagiri, Minami and Takebayashi. With extension plates for Yakiniku, Genghis Khan and Takoyaki.

Microwave Oven

Gift from the FY2017 graduates. From Kondo, Ryu and Tsukuda. As an alternative to the the previous microwave which its turntable is not turning now.


Gift from the FY2018 graduates. From Tamura, Ando, Shiromi, Syahir, Onodera and Jason. The high-brightness LED will make the clear frameless glass aquarium appear more beautiful.


Gift from the FY2019 graduates. From Nihei, Suzuki, Shirai, Nishimoto and Ichiyanagi. With extension plates for Nabe, Sukiyaki and Yakiniku. It’s sure to play a big part in the future.

Coffee maker

Gift from the FY2020 graduates. This coffee maker can make authentic coffee. This coffee maker can make a delicious cup of coffee, and is sure to raise the rank of your hospitality to one higher.

Steam iron

Gift from the FY2021 graduates. It can remove wrinkles from clothes at any time. Suits that are often worn are also relieved if you have this.

Microwave oven

Gift from the FY2021 graduates. You can heat up lunch boxes and frozen foods to fill your stomach while you are in the laboratory.

Knife and Cutting board

Gift from the FY2022 graduates. The food prepared in the lab is about to become even more authentic.

Toaster oven

Gift from the FY2023 graduates. This toaster oven can bake 4 slices of bread at the same time. It will help you to work more efficiently in the morning.