New members have joined

In this year, 10 students and an assistant professor have joined our lab.
We are going to do our best!

The homepage of our laboratory has been updated to FY2019 edition.
Please check out.
Please continue your favors towards us.

A group picture. 10 students and an assistant professor have joined the our lab in April 2019.

A paper by our member is now published

A paper by our lab member, Hideki Tamura has been published.

Tamura, H., & Nakauchi, S. (2018);
The rotating glass illusion: material appearance is bound to perceived shape and motion.,i-Perception, in press

Campus-Visit was held today

The campus visit of Toyohashi University of Technology was held on August 25, and our laboratory also exhibited and demonstrated some studies in two booths. Thank you very much for your participation.

  • 視覚の不思議を体験しよう! F-202
  • 脳波と視線で遊ぼう EIIRIS-1st

A paper by our OB was awarded

A paper published on “基礎心理学研究” by our OB, Tani, was awarded by the Best Paper Award.

Awarded paper is mentioned bellow.

Yusuke TANI, Ryo NISHIJIMA, Takehiro NAGAI, Kowa KOIDA, Michiteru
Trained visual art experts make more stable judgments of glossiness 基礎心理学研究, 36(1),17-29.